Wednesday, July 13, 2022 the town was hit hard by a round of strong storms. 

This post will provide updates from our Highway Department:


July 15:

As of this morning every road in the Hillside Acres area is open to all traffic. Please use caution there is a lot of limbs and brush along the road edges. The rest of the Town is in good shape with only a couple of roads that are passable but still need the wires put up. I’d like to thank the T/O Woodstock, Saugerties Highway departments and the State Dot crews for there assistance today.
Like the Ice Storm in February that devastated our Town and left us with a long term brush/debris cleanup we need the residents to follow our brush pickup guide lines. All brush is to be placed parallel to the road not in the road and no longer than 8ft in length. Please follow these guidelines if followed it will make for a faster cleanup. Any questions please call our office at 845-338-0193.
Frank c Petramale
Superintendent of Highways
Town of Ulster

July 13: 

The Town of Ulster was hit hard by a round of strong storms this evening. They caused major damage to the Hillside Acres area. There are multiple roads closed with wires and trees down. We have been out with our entire crew trying to open up all roads that were blocked by just trees. We can not and will not touch any that has wires involved.
Here are a list of the roads that are blocked with tree and wires.
Gallis Hill, Scudder Ave, Millers Lane, Norma Ct, Forest Hill Drive, East Drive at St George’s Ct, we will be back out in the morning to start the cleanup. Once Central Hudson clears the wires we can clean up the trees.
Frank C Petramale
Superintendent of Highways
Town of Ulster