NYSDOS – FCC Broadband Map

The Department of State Division of Local Government Services is assisting New York Empire State Development (ESD) in an effort to ensure that local input to update the FCC broadband map is timely and accurate.  New York’s allocation of federal funds for broadband deployment will be calculated based on the map.  A more thorough depiction of unserved homes and businesses will yield a greater share federal funds to connect our counties, towns and villages.  ESD encourages local governments to partner with ConnectALL and encourage local business owners and community’s residents to review their address on the FCC national broadband map and submit a challenge if needed (from their homes, businesses, smart phones, local library, or community-based organizations that have access to a computer terminal.

The deadline for submitting a response is January 13, 2023.

The following links have been provided by ESD ’s for this effort:

o   ConnectALL promotional toolkit

o   FCC outreach toolkit

o   FCC Broadband Data Collection Help Center


The better data we provide, the better our ConnectAll effort will be able to serve New York residents.

Thank you for your consideration.

New York Department of State

Division of Local Government Services

99 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12231-0001